Seine River

Paris, the city of love, is famous for its stunning architecture, rich history and culture, and of course, its food. With its long river Seine winding through the city, it’s no wonder that there are many excellent places to eat and drink around the river. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack, a romantic dinner, or a lively night out, the Seine has something to offer for everyone.

Places to Visit

One of the most popular places to eat along the Seine is the Ile Saint-Louis. This small island in the heart of Paris is home to some of the city’s finest restaurants and cafes, and its charming streets and waterways make it the perfect place for a romantic dinner. At La Belle Hortense, a wine bar and bookstore, you can sample some of France’s finest wines while browsing through the shelves. For a traditional French dinner, head to L’Ambroisie, which has been serving delicious food since 1968 and has been awarded three Michelin stars.

Cruise on the Seine

For a truly unique dining experience, why not consider a dinner cruise along the Seine? With  Cruise on the Seine , you can enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the stunning views of the city at night. This is a perfect opportunity to indulge in some of Paris’s finest cuisine while admiring the city’s most famous landmarks, such as Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, from the water.

Why you should Consider it

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a drink with friends, the Seine has plenty of options for you too. The rooftop bars in the city offer some of the best views of Paris, and many of them have a fantastic selection of drinks to choose from. At the Perchoir Marais, you can enjoy a drink while admiring the city from the top of a former car park. At the terrace bar of the Musée d’Orsay, you can sip on a cocktail while enjoying views of the river and the city’s stunning architecture.

What it Offers

For a more laid-back evening, consider visiting one of the many wine bars along the Seine. These bars offer a wide selection of wines, including some of the finest from France and beyond. At the Cave des Abbesses, you can enjoy a drink while listening to live music and admiring the beautiful stained-glass windows. At Les Fines Gueules, you can sample some of the city’s finest wines while chatting with friends and taking in the views of the Seine.

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a romantic dinner, the Seine has something to offer for everyone. With its stunning views, delicious food, and lively atmosphere, there’s no better place to enjoy the best of Paris. So, why not take a stroll along the river, stop at one of its many restaurants or cafes, and experience the city’s vibrant food and drink culture for yourself?


In conclusion, if you want to experience the best food and drinks that Paris has to offer, be sure to take a stroll along the Seine river. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, a lively night out, or a quick snack, the Seine has something to offer for everyone. Book your dinner cruise experience today with Cruise on the Seine and discover the city from a whole new perspective.